established in 1987

About Us

East End Cellars was opened in January 1998 by Michael Andrewartha, an incurable wine fanatic with over twenty years experience in fine wine retail. Michael has worked closely with many of South Australia's finest small wine producers throughout his career. He has experienced first hand the many changes that have taken place in the wine industry over these years. He was supporting and promoting the traditional red wines from South Australia's Barossa and McLaren Vale back in the 1980's when "cool climate" was all the rage and the international market for Australian wines did not exist. Michael's unique experience and relationships built over the years have enabled him to create a wine shop with a product range second to none and with a vibe like no other.

Here at East End Cellars we take our wines seriously. Very seriously. Our excellent reputation has been built over the years through knowing what wines to stock and finding the wines our customers are looking for. Our passion is for the wines of small wine producers. Those whose aim is to produce great wines of individual character and whose focus is solely on quality over quantity.

The decision to stock a wine is based purely on the wines quality and the value it will represent to our customers. When one of our staff recommends a wine it is entirely because that wine possesses the quality we seek, not because we are locked into an inflexible quantity deal with a large producer. Our independence is our greatest asset.

I hope you enjoy our web site. Please feel free to offer any feedback on any aspects of the site or newsletter. We promise to continually strive to improve our online service so any feedback is valuable. If there are any wines you are interested in do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact and staff details are listed on a separate page. We promise you will be answered by a real person who shares a real passion for fine wines as you do.

East End Cellars Pty Ltd.
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 East End Cellars Adelaide Wine Store

Michael Andrewartha - Proprietor

With over 30 years experience in fine wine retail and a passion for the wine of small and interesting producers, Michael started East End Cellars in January 1998. Has a great knack in discovering exciting new wine producers. Is a member of the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation Export Approval Panel. Outside of wine his hobbies are, well, drinking. And fishing!

Mat McNamara

Our resident Sommelier with more than 15 years in the wine industry having managed some of the best cellar doors and curated the finest wine lists across South least that's what he tells us. A Barossa boy at heart (he makes the hour-plus commute to work every day) with Craig David-inspired facial hair, Mat can usually be found slouched behind the counter on the computer entering invoices and checking Facebook, but is always on hand to offer expert wine advice to our customers.  

Akira Takahashi

Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, Akira set sail to Australia in 2004 to pursue his love of wine and soon found his way to Adelaide. Not his first stint at East End Cellars, having been hired as delivery driver back in 2010...the only problem was he didn't have a driver's licence! Luckily he has more skills than an Iron Chef and can now be found in the Tasting Room preparing beautiful tasting platters and telling people how many times he has climbed Mt Lofty this week. Also our resident Japanese Whisky expert.  

Jane Mittiga

The hardest worker at East End Cellars looks after the seemingly endless accounts and keeping the above staff members under control. Has worked at East End Cellars since day one. Loves drinking wine (but doesn't concern herself with trivialities such as which variety it is) and going to the football.

Millie Andrewartha


James (JR) Alderson

The seventh tallest member of the EEC team, JR makes up for his stature with more charisma than a busload of Kanyes and sense of humour that’d make pretty much anyone cringe. After surviving a near-death experience flying through a car window on his bike, JR has launched into his new life as a cork dork just like the rest of us. Now our resident beer expert (about time we had someone who drinks more than just Coopers) he’s leading the charge seeking out the weird and wonderful from all over the beer world.