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Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne 2002

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Plénitude 2 is the second life for a Dom Pérignon vintage.
A slow and
controlled transformation takes place over almost fifteen years, extending and
enhancing the wine’s longevity. This is how the champagne builds its energy, and
reaches the pinnacle of its vitality. It is brighter and more vital than ever.
It unfolds all of its characteristics, becoming fuller, longer, deeper and more

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Pérignon Vintage 2002 Plénitude 2 expresses confident, enhanced maturity. The
assertive character of this wine now gives it genuine and authentic power; a
delicate complexity woven through with freshness and minerality, coming together
in a light texture. It conjures up pale gold, enhanced with the energy of light:
radiant gold. target=_blank>

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