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Vanguardist Vs. The World - Dinner & Masterclass Tuesday 30th July

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$40.00 each

Vanguardist wines have proved themselves to be one of the most progressive
and exciting producers coming out of SA. Their wines pay homage to the grapes
motherland and equally embrace their new home within the unique terroirs of
South Australia.

To celebrate the 2018 vintage release of the Vanguardist V Range, Michael
Corbett (Vigneron, Vanguardist Wines) will be showcasing his latest release
flagship wines alongside some of our Old World contemporaries that have
influenced the Vanguardist style and philosophy of the years, including wines
from Domaine Raveneau and Clemens Busch. Back vintage wines will also be pulled
out of the cellar.

When: Tuesday 30th July @ 6:30pm
Where: The Tasting Room @ East End
Price: $40 per ticket

Wines on show:
Vanguardist Pet Nat Chardonnay Musque 2018
CVR Clare Valley Riesling 2018
Vanguardist Adelaide Hills Chardonnay
Vanguardist Adelaide Hills Blanc 2018
Vanguardist Blewitt Springs
Grenache 2018
Clemens Busch Riesling 'Vom Blauen' Schiefer 2015
Raveneau Chablis AC 2016
Gerard Boulay Sancerre Tradition 2017
Francois Laurent Rubiconde 2017
+ additional back-vintage wines from the
Vanguardist Range

Vanguardist Vs. The World - Dinner & Masterclass Tuesday 30th July , Buy Wine Online, Adelaide Wine Store