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Gerard Boulay Sancerre Tradition 2018

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Boulay's Tradition is drawn from mature, 35- to 40-year-old vines rooted
entirely in the limestone soils of Chavignol. The multiple sites are largely
sloping vineyards on the lower flanks of the Chavignol hillside terroirs of Les
Chasseignes, Les Longues Fins and Le Rue de Veaux. Importantly, Boulay also
includes fruit from his younger vines on the great hillside of La Grande Côte.
The juice is naturally fermented and aged for eight months in tank, on lees,
with a small volume also fermented in a single large wooden cask. Tradition is
the only blended cuvée in the Boulay line-up, yet even here we can taste the
kind of finesse, texture, and that stony/earthy/salty minerality that has made
this humble grower one of France's most respected vignerons. A fleshier and more
exotic release than last year, drinkers can look forward to flavours of intense
guava, orange rind, chamomile and white stone fruit. There's a lovely rocky
texture, and a deliciously zesty, salty finish. As always, it's a benchmark that
showcases the remarkable terroir that is Chavignol. In the world we live in
today, it's an absolute bargain.
Bottle Size 750ml
Country France
Region Loire Valley
Vintage 2018
Grape Sauvignon Blanc

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