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Ca d'Gal Moscato Sant'llario 2016

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A revelation. This Moscato is drawn from a single hectare of 70-year-old
vines in Cassinasco, on a south-facing hillside with limestone-rich soils in the
newly ratified Canelli DOCG (some 10 kilometres from Boido's winery). Of the 52
townships that may carry the denomination Moscato DOCG, only 19 are included in
this historically renowned subzone. History tells us that Moscato fruit has been
cultivated in this area--surrounding the town of Canelli--as far back as the
13th century and it was long associated with greatness. It is in the heart of
the region (it's a subzone), and its chalky soils and high altitude are perfect
for Moscato.

This is an extraordinarily fine, restrained and mineral wine. The perfume
offers gentle notes of grapefruit, white peach, sage, and boxwood, while the
palate is fine-boned and incredibly delicate and floral, shot through with
zesty, salty, crystalline freshness and an intense chalky finish. The bubbles
are very gentle. It's a wine more than capable of expressing itself with complex
food and especially salty foods. Of course, it can work with the
classics--hazelnut-based desserts, fruit and cream tarts etc.--but it also has
the intensity and mineral drive to partner with all kinds of savoury foods à la
a good Mosel Spätlese. At the Ca' d'Gal ristoro they match this with everything
from cured meats, foie gras, cured fish and Brös, the tangy ricotta and grappa
specialty of the region.

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